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Laundry Wash

(14 customer reviews)

Long Lasting Beautiful Fragrance
Effective and safe care for your treasured garments. Exclusive, long lasting, beautifully crafted fragrances containing natural essential oils.

  • Hi-Efficiency formulation
  • Concentrated
  • Naturally Derived Fragrances
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    Cruelty Free
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14 reviews for Laundry Wash

  1. Melissa Smith

    This is the most fragrant and fabulous laundry wash- I used it in a photoshoot feature on products that use essential oils and it made the entire studio smell amazing, then we tried to wash out a stain with it and it removed the stain in a few seconds. Big Sur is my favorite fragrance but they are all wonderful!

  2. Amanda Gregory

    We received some samples as a gift and I decided to wash my family’s clothes in them to see if they noticed a difference. My teens immediately asked me if I switched our detergent because their clothes and blankets smelled so good. We’re loyal Tide Ultra users, but I haven’t noticed any difference at all in the quality of cleaning. We’re happy to support a small business, while getting an amazing product, too!

  3. Jordan Singleton (verified owner)

    If I could rate this higher than perfect, I would. This will be my 5th order. I absolutely LOVE this laundry detergent. So so so good!!!

  4. Jordan Singleton (verified owner)

    Y’all this is the BEST smelling laundry wash in the market. I have over 12 items from this company and none of them have disappointed me. I tell everyone about it. Love love love!!

  5. Kristi Vega

    Smells amazing and last!!!

  6. Julia Schreiner

    I purchased three 4oz bottles in different fragrances when I was visiting my friend in S.Car. My entire house smells so good since I’ve done laundry. I am purchasing a large Kensington and getting 3 more 4oz of scents I haven’t tried. I’m also getting the fabric softener. This detergent not only smells divine but also cleans very well!

  7. Frances

    WOW. I am so in love with your Big Sûr laundry wash! I just purchased a small size at a local shop in Birmingham, Alabama and now I am hooked! Thank you for creating such an amazing product!

    I did one load of laundry and invited neighbors to come smell!! Another neighbor complemented the smell from the dryer exhaust! INCREDIBLE! I love good smells and definitely want to recommend this to my friends and family. My favorite compliment to receive is, “you smell great!” If you are ever in need of an ambassador in Birmingham/Tuscaloosa/Montgomery, Alabama, I would love to be your girl! Can’t believe I am just discovering this product. LOVE IT!

    Have a wonderful day!


  8. Jon

    I have tried so many of the other “luxury” laundry washes and found that they didn’t get my clothes very clean. The Linden & London did a great job on my whites and light color clothing in regards to getting them really clean. They aren’t “dingy” like some of the others leave them. My favorite fragrance is Big Sur and I have also tried Charleston. They both have a good scent that doesn’t seem too feminine but have a good clean fragrance. I highly recommend these products.

  9. Nicole Stubbs (verified owner)

    I have tried many many detergents. I’m a sucker for good smelling things. I purchased a bottle of Big Sur and have absolutely fell in love with it!! Every time we go somewhere people always tell us how good we smell. My kids go to school and their teachers always say how good they smell. Big Sur is defiantly my favorite. Would I buy again or recommend?!?! Absolutely yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Misty (verified owner)

    I am absolutely in love with this detergent! I have tried other luxury brands and nothing compares to this. Even after wearing clothes all day, people comment on how good they smell. I love the scent that stays on our sheets between washes, too. I hope it’s never outsourced as I love buying from an American company! Don’t change a thing! (Except maybe add some type of leather/tobacco scent to your lineup).

  11. Reno Smith

    My grandson worked for this company for a while and I decided to try their products. I got some samples and WOW!!!! I had to have some because my house and my bed smelled so good. I my towels smell wonderful and the smell stays in the towel and sheets. Best product I’ve bought for long lasting, good smelling sheets and towels. I only use it sparingly because it is expensive. I buy the laundry wash “big sur” and the fabric softener..

  12. Lily

    We got this from a local boutique. I’ve always been obsessed with how the glamorous diva smells, my mom brought this home and it’s even better. I’m a sucker for the big spur fragrance

  13. Jessica

    I love these!! I bought Big Sur at a boutique and then ended up ordering the sampler pack! My favorite for sheets and towels. I couldn’t use for clothes (personal preference). Highly recommend the sampler pack and look under the details section of that for a coupon code! 😉

  14. Amanda Mangels

    I have been using the Cambridge for my linens in my massage therapy practice and I really couldn’t be more pleased with how it cleans and the smell is not overpowering. I would recommend starting out with the sampler pack and go from there. Cambridge wasn’t my favorite of them all. I really enjoyed so many of them. Big Sur, Provence and Charleston are huge contenders and I while I am on auto ship for the one I plan to order more. I upgraded to the 64 oz and us 2 tbls for a very large load of clothes in my HE washer. That’s 1 oz folks. Even my kids who come home to do laundry make comments about how good the clothes and house smell. Get used to fragrance in the home while washing.

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