About Us

a small roadway leads down a row of linden trees

When co-creators Steve and David set out to craft a unique fine home goods brand, they knew a few things.

They knew how to make home care products that worked wonders. They already tasted years of success playing the big box store game. But they wanted to connect more deeply with real people who share their values of quality, craftsmanship, and a strong sense of home.

Steve Kent and David Adams have been friends for almost 20 years and have been working together for the last twelve. They each believe it is vital to provide impeccable products and customer service that exceed even the most particular customer’s expectations. They searched for fine, rich, and complex fragrances and sustainable ingredients to bring you what they feel are superb products you can use with confidence and satisfaction. Linden & London® was built upon their personal commitment to “taking the road less traveled” when bringing their dream and vision to life. Steve and David hope that you and your family love using the entire Linden & London® line as much as we love creating and making it!

Steve Kent

Steve was taught manufacturing and product development by his father Bill growing up and working in the family business. He is passionate about all things design, also working in product, packaging, and graphic design for nearly 30 years. As a boy, he accompanied his father on a business trip to London, England where they ducked down side streets dotted with bespoke goods and family-run shops. With each stop, he fell more in love with the quality, pride, and old-world heritage of London’s fine goods. Steve’s interest in fine fragrances were peaked when his wife Jacqueline discussed fragrances during her career as a fragrance buyer and account manager for such companies as Chanel®& Lancôme®. These experiences all came together to inspire and to help create the unique Linden & London® brand.

David Adams

David brings 30 years of manufacturing, sales, and marketing experience in packaging and consumer products to Linden & London®. During his career David traveled extensively experiencing many unusual places across the country and world bringing those experiences to the development of our products. David and his wife Kristy raised five active children and know a little something about family, home, and cleaning…especially dirty laundry. David has been an avid outdoorsman since his childhood growing up on Linden Avenue. He is committed to making fantastic smelling products that not only clean wonderfully but are easier on the environment. David’s memories and fondness of small-town community, the outdoors, home, and family still ground him today.

Linden & London brings the best of these worlds together:

  • Linden: The fondness, contentment and security of home on Linden Avenue
  • London: The heritage, quality and craftsmanship inspired by old-world London

At Linden and London, we believe your home shapes who you are and reminds you of where you’re from. That’s why we craft distinctly fragranced home care products to elevate your sense of home no matter where you are.

Discover your family’s signature fragrance in any of our fine home goods. Elevate and extend your sense of home.

About Our Company


You want the best for your family and all who enjoy your home.

We share your passion.

That’s why Linden & London® is a family run business with a commitment to:

  • more natural and safer ingredients that work
  • customer service at the highest level
  • making our own products from scratch (we don’t outsource)
  • carefully crafted signature fragrances containing essential oils

You’ll feel it the first time you use our products.


We love caring for your family and elevating your sense of home.

That’s why Linden & London® is more than a business to our family. We’ve built it with purpose—something that represents us, our character, and our name.

Every day, you’ll find us fully engaged and involved in the artful creation of each bottle of Linden & London®. Nothing finds its way into your home without our care.


We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between fragrance and function. A product that blankets you with fragrance but doesn’t work is not for us or our customers.

That’s why we bring you our entire line which is:

  • Strong enough to get the job done
  • Safe enough to share with your family
  • Distinct enough to make your friends inquisitive of that signature scent


Time and again, we see customers and their families fall in love with our exclusive signature fragrances. Once you discover yours, it becomes synonymous with your home. (Even when the kids grow up and head off, they’ll ask for it. It’s like sending a piece of home with them.)

Feel good about the products you bring into your home. Choose Linden & London®.

Linden & London®


Craft distinctly fragranced home care products that perform beautifully.


To elevate, evoke, and extend a sense of home no matter where you are.


The scent and sense of home grounds your identity and reminds you who you are.


Linden & London® provides distinctly fragranced more natural home care products for customers who value an elevated sense of home wherever you are.


Many products around your home like detergent or soap are either utilitarian and forgettable or fancy at the expense of being functional or family-friendly. At Linden & London®, we believe your home is important because it shapes your family’s sense of who you are and where you’re from. That’s why we craft distinctly fragranced home care products that are actually work so you can elevate, evoke, and extend a sense of home no matter where you are.