Scent is one of your most powerful and enjoyed senses. It takes you to different times, places, or reminds us of home and loved ones. Our exclusive fragrances are blended to create a rich complex symphony of pleasurable aroma. Beautiful fragrances can enrich your lives and make you feel better. It’s a luxury you can enjoy most any time, making even ordinary tasks pleasurable.

Fragrance Philsophy

Scent and the power of smell is immeasurable. Science tells us that our sense of smell is one thousand times more powerful than any of our other senses.

Scent triggers some of the strongest memories. We remember the smell of some of the safest and most enjoyable places we have visited, it reminds us of special people. Some of our scent induced memories take us to special places in our childhood.

When we developed the products at Linden & London, we always kept these thoughts close to heart.

We strive to develop each of our fragrances to provide you and your home that memorable smell. Everyone deserves that signature smell that makes a statement and creates warm memories of you and your home.

We all want ourselves and our homes to be inviting and nothing captures that more vividly than smell. Each time we walk in to a safe place we know we are there first by the smell that envelops us and draws us in.

Let Linden & London help you capture your signature smell and create those priceless memories!